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Nature walks

Nature walks

Lempézou path

A path within walking distance from the cottage, perfect for picking in summer because it is very shady.

Some walnut trees beside the road that runs the Tarn, are the remains of a culture widely practiced in the valley where was produced walnut oil.

The forest has various facies : the chestnut follows the forest of Ramponenche where conifers interspersed with hardwoods. On some areas, particularly on the ledge to the left when the trail follows the ridge, chestnut dominate remnants, chestnut orchards that occupied these slopes.

Limestone succeeds shale and chestnut trees disappear, replaced by black pines planted or from a reforestation performed by the middle of the 20th c., following the agricultural decline.

The trail follows the old path of Bédouès to La Salle-Prune. It passes through bushy grounds : old fields and pastures before descending into the chestnut.