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Nature walks

Nature walks

Gralhon path

Starting from behind Florac supermarket, around the cemetery corner.

First, we’ll go up to the Gralhon mansion.

Then, straight to the Monteils’ hamlet. After that, we’ll go down towards Salieges and from there, we’ll go back to Florac.

The Causse’s slopes have been built by man. The route follows the old road from Florac to Gralhon, which we can still see the retaining wall. This path is lined with terrasses, built of limestone and formerly planted with vines. “Tourists are accustomed to rest there after enjoying its nice trouts and its provincial wine.” (NB: from a 20th c’s guide about Florac)

The Gralhon’s mansion owes its establishment to the presence of a shelf made of fairly soft marl, in which the gently sloping profile is well suited to its crops, and of a source located above the houses. Here, the water spring after passing through limestone plateau when it encounters the impermeable shale. Its name could come from the gral Occitan, the raven.