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Places to discover

Places to discover

Cévennes park

The national Cévennes park is an outstanding territory by the quality of its landscape and heritage and the richness of its biodiversity.

Amongst the biggest natural sites in the park, you will find the beautiful Aven Armand’s caves, Dargilan or also the Bramabiau’s abyss. If you fancy large spaces, you could marvel at the beauty of the Cirque de Navacelles or the eccentricity of the Bonbons ; not to mention the great panoramas of the Gorges du Tarn and of the Jonte.

The Park is also a vivid territory, witness of a story that continues to be written. You’ll be highly welcomed by the inhabitants. Discover this amazing heritage through 3 ecomuseums (Mont-Lozère, Cévennes, Causses et Gorges).